Stop Burning Wishes

There are individuals and groups doing what they can to stop wishes from coming true for others. If you are someone who has been a roadblock to others so they may not turn their dreams into reality, ask yourself why.  Why do you believe you must create obstacles to prevent certain people from bettering their life? 


You do not have to fear the progress of others.  Have enough confidence in yourself where you won't feel the need to spend your time doing what you can to block people from attaining their goals because you fear it will take away from your accomplishments, your capacity to keep living the life you have, or be afraid it will somehow seize your opportunities from improving your life. 


Instead of spending your time and energy on destroying others happiness, spend that energy and time on building your trust in your own abilities to keep or create the life you want for yourself.  You do not need to burn down other homes in order to keep your own home standing on a strong foundation. You do not have to crumble peace in the lives of others in order to use their rubble to build peace in yours. You do not have to bind hands, silence lips, or devastate their lives for you to be able to create, speak, or be alive. Stop believing you have to blow out the light in others in order for you to shine. Realize what caused these thoughts to find a place in your mind, finding their way to take over your inner-peace and having you project this inner-battle into an outer war.  In recognition of knowing the source, you are able to defeat it. At that moment you are able to choose what you want to do now.  Do you want to destroy or build?  

You want safety, so does everyone else. You want shelter, so does everyone else. You want happiness, so does everyone else. You want freedom, so does everyone else. You want Luv, so does everyone else.  


Your fear and actions taken in regard to your need to stay on top is what is dimming your light. When others shine that is not a threat to you, we can all shine together.  For our lives to be better, we have to be better. For our world to be more at peace, we have to be at peace. For Luv to exist, we have to allow it to live. 

If you or someone you know needs to receive assistance in getting to the root of what has caused your fears, anger, sadness, lack of confidence, lack of love for self and others, emotional pain, and other damaging feelings holding you back from happiness, one on one coaching is available. Transformational tools are provided to replace language and thoughts that block progress to constructive words and beliefs opening you up to your capabilities. Recognize your ability to overcome battles and charge through obstacles. Stop having dreams and pursue goals. Take control of your life to live it for you and not by the expectations of others. Know your worth. Luv yourself. Luv others. Ultimately bring to surface the power, inner strength, and courage you have to be your authentic self.  Contact us for more information.