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"Engaged from the beginning to end"

"Hailima is an awesome facilitator and her Impacting Perceptions workshop is a must! It is an interactive and enlightening experience. Youth and adults alike will be engaged from the beginning to end and your perceptions will be challenged."


- D.L. "Pos" Ryant, Co-founder | The Apprentice of Peace Youth Organization


"Our youth really enjoyed the experience"

"Luv Mrk presented to a group of youth leaders as part of our orientation and training. The presentation was interactive, engaging, and well put together. Our youth really enjoyed the experience and I am confident that it brought them closer together as a group."


- Corbin Tobey-Davis, Director of Peace Warriors Camp | The Rock Center


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"Our group became more solidified"

"Hailima and Luv Mrk left valuable tid bits we were able to use with our volunteers long after the workshop. Our group of at least 30 enjoyed the experience and became more solidified as a result of the content. We will be calling upon Luv Mrk again this year for team building support as we plan the 6th Annual 100 Men Who Cook fundraiser. Keep up the great work spreading kindness and love."


- Norma Paige, Vice President | 100 Men Who Cook

"She used various interactive ways to help students"

"The students are already asking for Hailima to come back! Luv Mrk was able to tailor her presentation to our subject matter, food. She used various interactive ways to help students look at their food choices, what impacts those choices and what power they have in understanding and telling their own story about food. Thanks Hailima!"


- Sara Gunderson, Food Matters Elective Teacher | Manual High School

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"Shows me how to be change I want to see in this world"

"This is a tremendous company using the power of enlightening workshops to help show me how to be change I want to see in this world; and that’s one of love, appreciation, empathy, and peace. Luv Mrk also challenges us to see past our perceptions and differences so that we may create a better life for not just ourselves, but for everyone around us. Amazing company and an amazing mission."


- Joe Rogers, Workshop Photographer and Retreat Attendee


"Encourages us to think critically"

"Hailima Yates's presentation encourages us to think critically about our individual (mis)perceptions of situations or ideas, and how they effect the understanding of ourselves and others."


- Dr. Courtney Huse-Wika, Director of University Honors Program/Assistant Professor of English / Geek Speak Coordinator | Black Hills State University

"Exactly what the world needs now”

“Hailima is a magnificent writer, poet, and artist whose work stirs emotion, encourages self-reflection, and unifies. Her voice, skill, drive, and passion is exactly what the world needs now.”


- Al Mosley, Event Participant 

"I would highly recommend this delightful presentation. Insightful, humorous, relevant."


- Kanda Guthmiller, Presentation Attendee

"It was wonderful"

"You are a sincere and passionate presenter. I liked that you wanted the audience to share their experiences as well. Please keep talking about real things. It was wonderful."


- Gina Gibson,  Presentation Attendee

"Hailima has the sort of talent and vision that helps make this world a better place."


- Ryan Cubillas, Event Attendee

"It was enriching for us all as a family"

"It was truly a breath of fresh air to hear her personal journey and transformation to her calling of what Luv Mrk stands for. My children were with me that day and it was enriching for us all as a family to be in a conversation about perception. I look forward to more opportunities. Thank you Hailima for your insight. It was right on time."


- Cindy Koder, Presentation Attendee

"This retreat was one of my favorite of the year"

Amazing retreat. I continuously invest in personal development and this retreat was one of my favorite of the year. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for growth, support, and a chance to reset."


- Marlena MacArthur, Retreat Attendee

“You will get swept away in the beauty and strength of the way Hailima delivers what she has to say. She’s a true gem.”


- Alicia Pashmaloo, Event Attendee

"Luv Mrk legitimately offers effective methods for positive social changes."


- Court and Alyx Zierk, Luv Mrk Supporter


"This is exactly what the World needs right now. We have to start stepping away from all the Hate and negativity!!"


- Stephen Fry, Luv Mrk Supporter

"I believe in Luv Mrk and the passion that genuinely comes from the creator Hailima Yates. The powerful messages is what we need and what we needed to be reminded."


- Asmeret Tesfay, Luv Mrk Supporter

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