Sake of friendship

When people are arguing neither one is listening to the core of the problem between the spaces of their hurt and insecurities masked in anger. As the dispute escalates words may be said that cannot be unheard, actions may take place that cannot be undone. When we work to be understanding, we're able to forgive others, and forgive ourselves.

So when we are embracing anger, instead of forgiveness; judgment, instead of understanding; pain, instead of healing; ego, instead of truth; take a breath, step back and remember that we are all functioning from our own level of consciousness. All of us are reacting from our life experienced-based interpretation of the given situation. When we take a moment to acknowledge this we can get ourselves back on track, for the sake of our friendship/relationships and also our own peace of mind.

We project what is within, which is why Luv Mrk offers Impacting Perceptions, a transformative workshop to explore our personal views and how these interpretations affect self and relationships with others. Discover how outside influences from our experiences and environment to the media shapes our perceptions which in turn inspire our choices and actions. When we identify the beneficial and/or destructive impact our beliefs have on our lives we can then consciously choose to evolve our approach to the way we treat ourselves and those around us in order to cultivate the peace and Luv we seek in the world.