Book an “Impacting Perceptions” workshop. Explore the source of your views and how they affect you and your relationship with others. Be provided with viable solutions in treating yourself and others with respect, kindness, and Luv. 

—  Impacting perceptions —

Book an Impacting Perceptions workshop.


We project what is within, which is why Luv Mrk offers Impacting Perceptions, an enjoyable interactive workshop consisting of brain teaser exercises, illusions, videos and activities used to explore our personal views and how these interpretations affect self and relationships with others. Discover how outside influences from our experiences and environment to the media shapes our perceptions which in turn inspire our choices and actions. When we identify the beneficial and/or destructive impact our beliefs have on our lives we can then consciously choose to treat ourselves and others with respect, kindness, and Luv.

"We project what is within. If we have peace and Luv within, we are able to bring peace and Luv to our communities, cities, states, country, and the world."  Hailima Yates, CEO of Luv MrK

    In this eye opening presentation we will

    • Explore the source of our perceptions
    • Identify the beneficial and/or destructive beliefs we have and how they govern our actions
    • Realize how our approach to life decisions shape our experiences
    • Acknowledge the impact we make in and beyond our environment
    • Be conscious of ridding ourselves of harmful views to allow us to cease recycling damaging perceptions unto one generation to the next
    • Uncover inner tools to make beneficial choices
    • Develop empowerment strategies moving forward to consciously build a peaceful environment.

    Additional areas of focus

    • Luv YOU – Challenges the messages of what measures a person’s value so we may let go of any damaging teachings that harmed our esteem in order to Luv who we are.
    • Unity – An assessment of our perceptions and treatment of people due to their gender, race, religion, socio-economic status, sexuality, and ability in order to build positive relationships and strengthen empathic abilities. This workshop encourages people to not be spectators but active participants in creating positive social changes. 
    • Team Building - Activities to enhance perception awareness, along with skills like observation, communication, planning, time management, and problem solving in order to encourage effective, productive, and successful team cooperation.

    Presentations are beneficial for you if want to: 

    Gain confidence | Build and maintain relationships | Break destructive habits | Create uplifting environments | Be empowered to be your true self  | Discover your purpose | Unravel ties to toxic relationships | Have inner-peace | Release anchors holding you back from success | Replace damaging thoughts with productive logic | Turn dreams into action | Transition from regret to lessons learned | Recognize your strengths | Appreciate your abilities | Acknowledge your worth | Trust yourself | Be kind to yourself | Be kind to others | Be understanding of others | Enhance empathy abilities | Luv yourself |  Luv others | Leave your Luv Mrk

    Presentation is recommended for:

    Educators, managers, organization representatives, legal authorities, students, and all others interested in emotional intelligence and increased self-awareness to make a lasting positive impact in our professional and personal lives.

    Hailima Yates, creator of Luv Mrk, is available for booking for diversity training, leadership seminars, team building workshops,personal growth retreats, orientations, enrichment/elective classes, after school programs, and speaker series. Hear her February 2017 interview with SDPB (South Dakota Public Broadcasting). Interview starts at 19:45. 

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    “What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build tomorrow. Our life is the creation of our mind.” – Shakyamuni


    Audience comments

    “Hailima Yates’s presentation encourages us to think critically about our individual (mis)perceptions of situations or ideas, and how they affect the understanding of ourselves and others.” - Dr. Courtney Huse Wika


    “You are a sincere and passionate presenter. I liked that you wanted the audience to share their experiences as well. Please keep talking about real things. It was wonderful.” Gina Gibson


    “I would highly recommend this delightful presentation. Insightful, humorous, relevant.” - Kanda Guthmiller


    “Hailima has the sort of talent and vision that helps make this world a better place.” - Ryan Cubillas


    “Hailima is a magnificent writer, poet, and artist whose work stirs emotion, encourages self-reflection, and unifies. Her voice, skill, drive, and passion is exactly what the world needs now.” - Al Moseley


    "It was truly a breath of fresh air to hear her personal journey and transformation to her calling of what Luv Mrk stands for. My children were with me that day and it was enriching for us all as a family to be in a conversation about perception. I look forward to more opportunities. Thank you Hailima for your insight. It was right on time." - Cindy Koder


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     CEO of Luv Mrk

    CEO of Luv Mrk

    hailima yates

    Hailima Yates used poetry as a teenager to uplift others by speaking on common esteem issues and social conflicts accompanied with solutions to conquer fears and overcome internal and external battles. Her passion for inspiring self-Luv and building unity led her to producing a documentary, as well as multi-faceted performances, and videos to creatively express how our perceptions affect the way we treat ourselves and others. It was that dedication in promoting positive social changes that 12 years ago she began being invited to speak at events for youth groups, universities, social clubs, and non-profit organizations.


    Hailima is a Transformational Speaker and certified Life Coach dedicated to sharing with others the effective methods to release damaging beliefs. Hailima guides others to uncover inner tools to reconstruct a beneficial perspective that carries strength, courage, wisdom, ambition, kindness, respect, peace, and Luv to cultivate a more positive and healthy life in order to create a more positive and happier world.


    Sista Love Mentoring Inc. - Denver, CO | Peace Jam Rocky Mountain Slam - Denver, CO | McGlone Academy - Denver, CO | Kepner Beacon Middle School - Denver, CO | 100 Men Who Cook Ambassador Team Building Workshop - Denver, CO | Perceptual Awakening Retreat - Winter Park, CO | The Apprentice of Peace Wellness Studio - Denver, CO | National Organization for Women- Rapid City, SD | Alaska Pacific University – Anchorage, AK | University of Colorado Denver – Denver, CO | Black Hills State University – Spearfish, SD | Colorado Committee on Africa and the Caribbean, Mercury Café – Denver, CO | The Bug Theatre – Denver, CO | San Diego Black Film Festival – San Diego, CA | Oakland International Film Festival – Oakland, CA | EFPalooza Film Festival – Denver, CO | FairGrinds Coffee House – New Orleans, LA | Kiwanis – Spearfish, SD | Rotary – Spearfish, SD | Youthwise – Spearfish, SD