Saving Ourselves

How do we get through the day when we have reached emptiness, when we have to get out of bed, face society, force a smile or polite conversation, or use all the energy we can gather from every part of our being to put one foot in front of the other, or to just breathe?


It doesn’t help when others ignore us until we act right or they are annoyed with us because we aren’t brightening their day.  Our void of vitality is not being filled when they tell us to…


“Snap out of it!”

“There are people worse off than you.”

“Get over it.”

“Buck up, everyone goes through this.”

“Stop feeling sorry for yourself.”

“You don’t have real problems.”

“You’re being pathetic.”

“Stop being weak.”


How about they say, “I’m here to listen.”


Real comfort from those who Luv us is needed, yet the truth is we have to be the ones to save ourselves.  We have to realize that every day we wake up we have been given another chance, gift, opportunity to start living our life the way we truly want.  We can start taking the steps we need that lead us to the peace, happiness, and Luv we crave.


It’s not easy. Life can hurt. People can hurt us. We can feel unwanted, unloved, and invisible. We cannot get the job we wanted or the promotion. Struggle financially. We can fail at one thing or numerous things we tried so hard to accomplish. We can get sick. Lose loved ones. Fear for our life. Fear for our rights. Lose hope. Sometimes we don’t even know what it is, but there’s this hollowness consuming us.  There are numerous afflictions that are painful, for some of us it can be so painful that seeing another day is not wanted.


I wish I could take all the pain away. I wish I could take away anything that causes pain, but all any of us can do is work on what is in our ability to do. Life has balances and through that pain we can gain strength.  As long as we awake to each day we can decide what we’re going to do with it. 



What can you do each day to get from having your biggest accomplishment being just making it out of bed, to reach actually being happy you’re alive?  The ailments that have beat you down or continue to throw punches at you may not go away or even when they do, others may come back, so how will you choose to face them?  I hope that with all you have within you, you choose to win. If you get to a point where you do need help then make sure you get aid from people who are nurturing and genuinely want the best for you. It is courageous to ask for help when needed from those who are able to give it. Just because you have to be the one to live your life, it doesn’t mean you have to do it alone.


There are many of us, if not all, who walk on this planet with bruises and scars from our own battles. These internal injuries can make us stronger or end us. Choose strength. Take it one day at a time, one hour at a time, one minute at a time, one breath at a time.  We can do this.

If you or someone you know needs to receive assistance in getting to the root of what has caused your fears, anger, sadness, lack of confidence, lack of love for self and others, emotional pain, and other damaging feelings holding you back from happiness, one on one coaching is available. Transformational tools are provided to replace language and thoughts that block progress to constructive words and beliefs opening you up to your capabilities. Recognize your ability to overcome battles and charge through obstacles. Stop having dreams and pursue goals. Take control of your life to live it for you and not by the expectations of others. Know your worth. Luv yourself. Luv others. Ultimately bring to surface the power, inner strength, and courage you have to be your authentic self.  Contact us for more information.

Hailima YatesComment