Acts of Kindness

When you carry out an act of kindness or speak words to uplift another no matter how small you may view your gesture, you are making a lasting positive impression that can echo into the following generations. 

—  70 acts of kindness ideas —

“Courage. Kindness. Friendship. Character. These are the qualities that define us as human beings, and propel us, on occasion, to greatness.” ― R.J. Palacio

Be respectful and safe


1.      Sincerely speak kindly

2.      Only share positive comments with others

3.      Help someone who needs assistance crossing the street

4.      Pay for someone’s beverage, meal, or groceries

5.      Give a gift of shoes, coat or any essential item you know someone is in need of

6.      Help someone with their resume

7.      Help someone prepare for a job interview

8.      Share with someone how you feel they make the world a better place

9.      Help others see the positive qualities in everything through your conversations

10.  Steer conversations away from gossip and onto more positive things

11.  When someone is speaking words that promotes division amongst others direct the conversation to foster understanding, appreciation, or Luv

12.  Be generous with your words of affirmation to all those around you

13.  Be patient with others

14.  Empathize

15.  Remember that everyone is dealing with their own battles


16.  Send someone a small gift anonymously

17.  Ask someone how they are doing and really listen to their response

18.  Let someone know how much you appreciate them

19.  Offer encouraging words to someone feeling discouraged or sad

20.  Be a designated driver

21.  Help someone move

22.  Hold the door or elevator open for others

23.  Help someone whose car is broken down

24.  Give directions to someone who is lost

25.  Take the time to get to know someone different from you

26.  Have a respectful conversation with someone who has opposing views, you both don’t have to convert, but may learn from each other and understand each other

27.  Send someone a care package

28.  Help a co-worker who is overwhelmed with a huge workload

29.  Help someone with yard work

30.  Shovel your neighbor’s sidewalk

31.  Offer the handyperson a drink or snack

32.  Babysit for free

33.  Pet-sit for free

34.  When on a crowded bus or train give your seat to someone

35.  When you see someone who looks down or frustrated offer to help

36.  Be reliable

37.  Be trustworthy

38.  Bring treats to share with co-workers

39.  Offer companionship to someone who doesn’t have many friends or family

40.  Genuinely say “please” and “thank you”

41.  Be generous with compliments

42.  Help a friend or family member around the house who is going through an emotional time, i.e., cook or clean

43.  Put your phone away and be in the moment with present company

44.  Be welcoming to the new person at work or in the neighborhood

45.  Let someone finish their sentence before speaking

46.  Compliment an employee to their boss

47.  When driving let someone merge in your lane when they turn their blinker on

48.  Get to know the shy person at the party or at work

49.  If someone has fewer items than you at the supermarket, let them go first

50.  Give someone a book you think they’ll like

51.  Create an inspirational video for a friend going through a rough time

52.  Before going to the supermarket ask people around you if they need anything

53.  Keep in touch with friends and family

54.  Try to make sure everyone in the group feels included in the conversation

55.  Play board games with senior citizens at a nursing home

56.  Volunteer at a food bank


57.  Volunteer at an animal shelter

58.  Send an appetizer or dessert to another table

59.  Keep an extra umbrella to offer someone when there’s a sudden down pour

60.  Be kind to the customer service rep and/or leave a positive review

61.  Compliment a stranger

62.  Donate groceries or give a gift card to a family in need

63. Say please and thank you

64. When having a conversation with someone listen intently without interruption

65. Respect someone's feelings whether you agree or understand

66. Return a lost item to Lost and Found if that's an option

67. Give new parents a gift for them (and the baby)

68. When in traffic, let people in when they turn their blinker on

69. When people let you in a lane in traffic wave to signify your appreciation

70.  Remember you deserve to be kind to yourself as well


The imprint we leave when we live by our heart.