—  Kindness Campaign —  

Let’s shine light on those leaving their mark in the world with Luv. 


Film it or Photograph it. Post it. Tag it.

Please see media sharing Disclaimer below

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Film it or Photograph it

Film yourself on your phone giving a Luv Mrk shirt to kindhearted recipients while sharing what acts of kindness they do or have done to leave their mark in the world with Luv. 

Purchasing shirts are not required to participate or to be entered into prize drawing.

15% Off for Kindness Campaign


Post it

Post video on your Instagram feed.

Post video on your own Facebook page as Public. 

If you took a photo share your photo along with story of who you gave shirt to, their acts of kindness, and how they responded.

Remember to disclose with recipient you're posting video or photo on social media.

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Tag It

Tag Luv Mrk on Instagram and/or Facebook before publishing post. @luvmrk

Everyone is entered into drawing!!

Every time you post a video or photo with story and tag Luv Mrk you are entered into the WEEKLY PRIZE DRAWING. There is no limit. The winner will be publicly announced on Campaign Media page, Facebook, and Instagram and will receive a short of their choosing. At the end of the campaign one of the weekly winners will get to choose a shirt and a philanthropic organization or cause that will receive 10% of the proceeds from Luv Mrk shirt sells during the time of the campaign. If donation is going towards an organization their donations must benefit the people they serve more than the organizations operational cost. The final winner will be publicly announced on Campaign Media page, Facebook, and Instagram on August 14, 2018 at 1:00 PM MST. 


Weekly ideas

You can give shirts to whomever you choose, but here are some ideas if you need them. Have fun with this!

June 8-15: Friends

June 16 – 23: Fathers, men, women who have to be both father and mother

June 24 – 30: Mentors or influential people in the community

July 1 – 7: Co-Workers/teammates

July 8 – 14: Family

July 15 – 21: Children

July 22 – 28: Non-profit orgs and their team or Businesses you Luv because the staff or business owner has been great to you or they are doing great things in the community

July 29 – August 4: People who you don’t get to see often because you’re busy or they live in a different state

August 5 – 11: Shout out to your favorite actor, singer, poet, author, or comedian because of the positive impact they make in the world encouraging people to be their best self, have Luv for others and/or promote unity

If the shirt you want is out of stock or you want to make a special order, Contact Us.

Want to participate yet you are not on social media, no problem!

Film video or take photo, share it with us and we’ll post it on social media sites for you and add it to campaign page. If you are having upload issues please Contact Us and we’ll help you out. 

Not a fan of filming or taking photos, that's okay!

Share how the experience went in up to 150 words in the form below. We’ll share story on campaign page and social media sites.

Name *

Have fun friends!!

Disclaimer: When you share your material you give Luv Mrk the absolute right and permission to use photograph(s) and/or video(s) of you in its promotional materials and publicity efforts. You understand that the photographs and/or videos may be used in a publication, print ad, direct-mail piece, electronic media or other form of promotion. You release Luv Mrk, agents, and designees from liability for any violation of any personal or proprietary right you may have in connection with such use. You are 18 years of age or older.


The imprint we leave when we live by our heart