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Previous Speaking Engagements

— Previous Speaking Engagements —


PeaceJam Youth Leadership Conference 2018

Audience: Middle School to University students all across Colorado

Theme: "Peace with Nature, Ourselves and the World" 


The leaders were engaged with interpreting illusions and images to be aware of what we accept as reality and to question the accuracy of our perceptions because our views are not about what we see, it's about how we see. We don't see things, events, or people as they are, we see them as we are.  The youth performed social identity scenarios to acknowledge implicit biases, and were involved in group discussions to acknowledge their perspectives varied due to their life based experiences. We discussed how these views have affected our esteem and our reaction to others.


The participants received empowering tools to both gain awareness of their worth so they may walk in confidence to have peace in being their true selves, as well as have an understanding that others are making decisions based off their teachings and experiences just as they are. Being understanding of who we are and who others are allows us to judge less and not project our truth onto others, which in turn opens us up to build relationships and maintain friendships. 


The ROCK Center 2018

Audience: High School and University students in Denver, CO

Theme: Youth Leadership Training for Peace Warrior Camp


The leaders participated in a series of activities to exhibit how we make sense of what we see and hear in order to recognize our discernment derives from what we remember learning and experiencing. We assessed the perceptions we have of ourselves and others learned through the media, education, religion, politics, family, peers, and our environment so we may acknowledge these factors influencing our choices having a destructive or favorable impact.  


Uncovering the sources that shaped us into who we are today permits us to let go of what does not benefit us or support a healthy relationship with others. Additional activities were carried out to encourage the leaders to value their life and others in order to work well together as a team and be a role model to the younger generation. 

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100 Men Who Cook 2018

Audience: Adult volunteers in Denver, CO

Theme: Team building 


The volunteers viewed illusions to be aware of how we use our memory to assign meaning to what we're seeing and described images to realize our interpretations reflect our beliefs. They were then separated into groups  to collaborate on solving brain teasers to be mindful of their different perspectives for each problem and to recognize how they communicated with one another to reach a solution.


We concluded that when we have an understanding that we see things differently we can take that into account so we'll know how to effectively communicate with one another. Being able to have respectful interactions results in creating a positive environment and productive cooperation to get work done. 


Manual High School 2018

Audience: High School Students 

Theme: Food Matters Elective Class (invited as guest speaker for the day)


The class completed a food wheel to be used as a visual to see what foods they eat and how often. The students also had fun participating in games to acknowledge if they make their food choices due to culture, taste, or accessibility. We outlined strategies to make healthier choices if needed.


McGlone Academy 2017 - 2018

Audience: Middle School Students, Montbello, CO

Theme: Elective Class 


The students were involved in solving brain teasers, reviewing illusions, interpreting images, and playing observational games to explore their views to understand how they see themselves and the world around them. The class shared their perspectives on how we treat people due to their age, gender, appearance, race, religion, and economic status, and in addition they expressed their concerns with politics and policies affecting their families. 


We discussed strategies on our abilities to make positive social changes.


Kepner Beacon Middle School 2017 - 2018

Audience: Middle School students in Denver, CO

Theme: Enrichment Class 


The students participated in deciphering riddles, solving puzzles, reviewing illusions, interpreting images, and playing observational games to be aware of  how they view themselves and others in order to build their self-esteem and have empathy for others. The activities guided them into understanding the factors that affected their confidence and the relationship with others.


We also spent time identifying our language to bring to light that the words we speak or tell ourselves are indicators to our underlying beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world. We worked on approaches to break habits in order to speak words that will lift us and others up.


The Apprentice of Peace 2017

Audience: Community/ Adults and children ages 11+

Theme: Self-Awareness


We reviewed videos, images and illusions to reveal how we perceived the assorted scenarios in order to uncover the sources that develop our beliefs in order to recognize how we interpret ourselves, others and events leading us to making harmful or advantageous decisions in our personal and professional lives. We shared methods for creating and maintaining inner-peace and self-Luv.


PeaceJam Rocky Mountain Slam 2017

Audience: High School students all across Colorado

Theme: Peace-builders 


The participants separated into groups to play games that illustrated how stories get passed down and changed so they may be mindful of questioning what they see and hear because they may not be getting the whole story. They learned that we are bombarded with a considerable amount of sensory information so our subconscious mind selects what to notice, which means we may not be seeing the whole story.


The activities were related to how we view people and to get to know people for who they are not who we expect them to be or who we think they are due to first impressions.  When we take the time to not judge and truly know someone we are building relationships and cultivating peace.


Black Hills State University 2007-2016

Audience: University students in Spearfish, SD

Theme: Race & Ethnic Relations Sociology Class, Intro to Sociology, Diversity Week, ITOLD Leadership Seminar, 24 Hour Diversity Workshop, Geek Speak 


Majority of the presentations consisted of the students sharing their thoughts on how we view and treat people because of their gender identity, race, religion, and socio-economic status. We explored our own views on social identities affecting the way we treat others to acknowledge if we are contributing to the division we experience in this country or are building bridges. We concluded with being aware of our perceptions and cognizant of our words and actions supporting peace and Luv.


MediaSDPB (South Dakota Public Broadcasting). Interview starts at 19:45.

Perceptual Awakening Retreat - Winter Park, CO

Audience: Adults ages 21+

Theme: Luv You


Attendees participated in transformational activities to overcome internal and external battles that have hindered them from being their best self or living a life they preferred to live. Participants reviewed their satisfaction level in specific areas of their life, identified language and thoughts blocking progress, pinpointed experiences that caused their damaging views of self which influenced their choices and actions resulting in destructive results, they learned how to break unhealthy habits, have multiple solutions to one problem, replace self-defeating thoughts with confident affirmations, understand what they want, and setup goals to achieve having the kind of life they want to live. 

National Organization for Women - Rapid City, SD

Audience: Community/ Adults and children ages 8+

Theme: Love Your Body Campaign


A story was shared on how our value doesn't change. Just as money remains the same value no matter how many times it has been stepped on or crumpled up, if it's a hundred dollar bill it is still worth one hundred dollars. A poem was also shared that expressed not chasing acceptance, to not seek validation outside of yourself, to not use the lens of others to define your beauty, to not measure your attractiveness or worth due to the amount of perceived flaws you posses, decide for yourself who you are, decide for yourself how you want to present yourself, look into the mirror and replace outside opinions with your own empowering declarations, only speak words that nurture your spirit, only make choices that lift you up, and always look in the mirror to love what you see.


Media: Interview with KEVN Black Hills Fox

Youthwise – Spearfish, SD

Audience: High School students

Theme: Unity


High School students participated in activities to be aware of their perspectives of people due to their identity. We discussed our beliefs on who a person is from first impression and shared strategies to make choices to get to know others for who they are and not who we expect them to be.

Kiwanis – Spearfish, SD

Audience: Adults 21+

Theme: Self-Awareness


Members interpreted images and played games to realize that we use our memory to understand events and others. We discussed how our perspectives developed from our environment, teachings, and experiences and our differences do not make one right or wrong.

Rotary – Spearfish, SD

Audience: Adults 21+

Theme: Self-Awareness/Positive thinking


Members described illusions and images to be aware of how they interpret others and themselves. We discussed the changes we can make in our lives when we focus on the positive.

Saints Rising Documentary Discussion

Audience: Community

Theme: Film and Socially conscious media



Colorado Committee on Africa and the Caribbean, Mercury Café – Denver, CO

The Bug Theatre – Denver, CO

San Diego Black Film Festival – San Diego, CA

Oakland International Film Festival – Oakland, CA

EFPalooza Film Festival – Denver, CO

FairGrinds Coffee House – New Orleans, LA


After viewing the documentary that addressed the housing crisis, the mental devastation of the residents and the grassroots movement to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina we discussed the economic, psychological, and social impact Hurricane Katrina had on the residents of New Orleans. Resources were provided for those motivated to get involved in rebuilding the city physically and emotionally.



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