Are You Happy?

If you're not happy and you want to know why not, you can find out by assessing where you are at in this point of your life.  How satisfied are you with your career, relationships, health, and life engagement? Is it easy for you to maintain friendships? Are you pleased with your professional position? Do you have enough time you dedicate to just yourself to do something you enjoy?


If there are areas you would like to improve on ask yourself what is holding you back. Are you having dreams or setting goals? Are you making excuses or making plans? Are you competing to be better than others or doing what you can to be better than the person you were yesterday? Are you comparing where you are at in this stage of your life to others or focusing on your own path?  Are you saying can't more than can? If it's career related are you trusting your abilities? If it's relationship related are you knowing your worth?  Pay attention to your thoughts and actions, if they aren't serving you then it's time to make a change. 


Once you know what areas you need to work on, you actually need to do the work to better your situation. If you know what career you want then take the steps to get there.  Do you need training? Obtain a certification? Whatever is required to attain the desired profession, believe in yourself, know you can do it, stay determined, and actively do the work.  Any obstacles come in your way, look at them as an opportunity to find an alternative solution. Every time you keep pushing forward your are becoming more prepared and will gain confidence.


Allow yourself to learn and grow from any setbacks or struggles you face in any area of your life because when you work through the hard times you can become stronger and wiser.  Not the stronger that turns you into being a hard shell, but stronger in your belief in yourself and knowing that when things become challenging and even heart breaking, you will get through it and come out better.


When it comes to improving any areas in your life, evaluate how you got there so you won’t allow it to be an impediment any longer.  Set achievable steps to reach your goals and follow through.  Know you deserve to live a fulfilled life and start living it.

If you or someone you know needs to receive assistance in getting to the root of what has caused your fears, anger, sadness, lack of confidence, lack of love for self and others, emotional pain, and other damaging feelings holding you back from happiness, one on one coaching is available. Transformational tools are provided to replace language and thoughts that block progress to constructive words and beliefs opening you up to your capabilities. Recognize your ability to overcome battles and charge through obstacles. Stop having dreams and pursue goals. Take control of your life to live it for you and not by the expectations of others. Know your worth. Luv yourself. Luv others. Ultimately bring to surface the power, inner strength, and courage you have to be your authentic self.  Contact us for more information.