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Hi there! I'm Hailima Yates, CEO of Luv Mrk. When I was a teenager I shared my poetry and performed in shows under the plays for living genre to address common esteem issues and social conflicts. My passion for encouraging self-Love and building unity led me to producing inspirational videos, a documentary, and multi-faceted performances with the help of the community to creatively express how our perceptions affect the way we treat ourselves and those around us.


It was that dedication to promote positive social changes that 12 years ago I began being invited to speak at social clubs, high schools, and university events. I have since become a Transformational Speaker and certified Life Coach presenting for community events, businesses and non-profit organizations for team building workshops, middle school enrichment/elective classes, personal growth retreats, and other related events to build self-awareness in order to treat self and others with respect, kindness, peace, and Luv.


I started Luv Mrk to offer personal growth workshops, kindness campaigns, socially conscious videos and events to effectively ignite that spark in us to be good to ourselves and others in order to leave our imprint in the world with Luv.

Previous speaking engagement highlights...

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The imprint we leave when we live by our heart.