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Igniting Kindness. Inspiring Luv.

"We have decided what effect we want to have in the world and what imprint we want to leave behind." 

-The Luv Mrk Team

Luv Mrk (love mark) is dedicated to empowering individuals to live by their heart and leave their imprint with Luv. We provide transformative workshops and kindness campaigns that heighten awareness on what we can intentionally do to treat ourselves and others with respect, kindness, peace and Luv.




Our mission is to evolve our approach to the way we treat ourselves and others so that we may ignite a positive impact in our personal lives, our communities, and around the world.



In addition to encountering varying life struggles we also face social constructs shaping our views having harmful effects on our own self-esteem and regard toward others. People are hurting from judgments and mistreatment due to their identity and some even begin to believe they do not matter. Others have anger, fear, and/or apathy concerning those different from them which causes a division tearing this nation and our world apart. The rest want inclusivity, unity, peace and Luv.



Grow the Luv we have within and raise empathy so we may carry out acts of kindness and speak words that carry the strength to uplift and inspire each other to be the Luv we seek in the world.  Through facilitating self-awareness workshops in communities offering effective methods for assessing damaging constructs, we energize individuals to consciously make affectionate choices. Sustain kindness campaigns to elevate moods cultivating peaceful and Luving environments.

"To better our lives and make this world a better place, we have to change our perceptions to change our actions."

- Hailima Yates, CEO

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The imprint we leave when we live by our heart.