Book an “Impacting Perceptions” workshop. Explore the source of your views and how they affect you and your relationship with others. Be provided with viable solutions in treating yourself and others with respect, kindness and Luv. 

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Book an Impacting Perceptions workshop.


We project what is within, which is why Luv Mrk offers Impacting Perceptions, an enjoyable interactive workshop consisting of brain teaser exercises, illusions, videos and activities used to explore our personal views and how these interpretations affect self and relationships with others. Discover how outside influences from our experiences and environment to the media shapes our perceptions which in turn inspire our choices. When we identify the beneficial and/or destructive impact our beliefs have on our lives we can then consciously choose to treat ourselves and others with respect, kindness, and Luv.


"We project what is within. If we have peace and Luv within, we are able to bring peace and Luv to our communities, cities, states, country, and the world.  Leave your Luv Mrk."   Hailima Yates, CEO of Luv Mrk